One Piece Chapter 1069 Spoilers

One piece chapter 1049 complete spoilers are out. In the last chapter, we saw CP0 arrive at egghead island and Atlas attacks them. Lucci transforms into his beast form and defeats Atlas in a single blow. Later CP0 runs into Luffy at the end of the chapter. These are the one-piece chapter 1069 complete spoilers.

Chapter is titled Everything exist for a reason. we get a flashback of MADS research center and welearn it is financed by Du Feld (Loan shark King).

Chapter 1069: Everything exists for a reason
In the cover, we see a ship in a flashback. It is a MADS Research Center and it is financed by “The God of Fortune” Du Feld. (Loan Shark King and one of Big Mom’s Tea Party guests)

we starts directly from were we left it in last chapter. As soon as Lucci saw luffy in front of him he directly goes to attack him. Kaku and stussy stops lucci. because luffy is a yanko now and they can’t attack luffy without permission from marine HQ. any fight with a yanko can lead to a war. but before lucci can attack Luffy sees Atlas heavily injured and attacks Lucci first and their fight begins.

Chapter starts with Lucci trying to attack Luffy. Kaku and Stussy stops Lucci saying they need to get permission from Marine HQ to fight a Yonko, because any fight can lead to a war. Luffy sees Atlas heavily injured and attacked Lucci first.

In Marine HQ Akainu is looking for Kizaru but Kizaru has already left for Egghead. Maybe he got the information about strawhats being there.So, he is going to capture them.

Cut to Akainu in Marine HQ, he asks where Kizaru is. A marine reports that Kizaru has already left for Egg Head Island!

Luffy vs lucci
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Luffy uses his gear 5 and we get to know that Lucci’s devil fruit has also been awakened. His new form also has black clouds of steam like luffy’s gear 4th and 5th.

Back to Egghead, Luffy and Lucci fights. Luffy uses Gear 5th and Lucci uses his awakened form. Lucci’s awakened form is very similar to his slender hybrid form. Lucci’s fur is black and looks like black flames/ clouds. He also has black clouds of steam floating around this neck similar to Luffy’s Gear 4th /5th form.

Sentomaru is also there with other seraphims. we get the info that only people who have the authority to command Seraphim are Gorosei, Vegapunk, Sentomaru, and also anyone who has a command chip can order seraphim.

Sentomaru appears with S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Shark. Seraphim cannot be commanded
using a Den Den Mushi, so Sentomaru must be there to give orders. The “Level of Authority” to command a Seraphim is: Gorosei, Vegapunk, Sentomaru, then anyone who has a command chip. which, CPO Currently has.

Senatamaru orders Kuma’s seraphim to attack CP0. kaku and stussy are not fighting back they are just avoiding S-Bear’s attack. Jimbei is in shock seeing his Seraphim.

Sentomaru orders S-Bear to fight CP0. Jimbei and Chopper run carrying Bonney and they cross paths with the Seraphim. Jimbei is in shock when he sees S-Shark. Kaku and Stussy are busy avoiding S-Bear’s attacks. They don’t want to fight back and injure the Seraphim.

Nami and others are watching the fight in monitors. They are amazed seeing Luffy’s gear 5 form. we know that they never saw his gear 5 so it is the first time they are seeing his gear 5. As they are watching the fight real vegapunk appears there.

Nami’s group are watching what is happening through the monitors. They are astonished to see Luffy’s G5 form. Real Vegapunk appears before them and Franky’s eyes turns into hearts when he realizes that he is the real Vegapunk.

Vegapunk asks them about Luffy’s new form. Nami say they don’t know either. nami says she think it is a new power of “Gum Gum No Mi” but vegapunk tells that “Gomu Gomu” has never been recorded in the ” Devil Fruit Encyclopedia”.

VP asks the Strawhats what Luffy’s new form is. Nami replies they don’t know either but she
thinks it could be a new “Gomu Gomu no Mi” power. VP says that the “Gomu Gomu” has never been recorded in the “Devil Fruit Encyclopedia”.

After that vegapunk tells more info about Devil fruit’s origin.

VP continues saying that everything in the world is born out of people’s wishes, and the same goes for devil fruits as well. Devil fruits are a possibility of human evolution that someone wishes for. Each ability represents someone’s wish of what they can become.

Since those wishes are so unnatural, they are hated by the sea, which is Mother Nature.
That’s why devil fruits weakness is seawater. All ability users who bear that curse are
basically living in a future that someone once wished for. Nami and the SH crew are stunned.

VP: Isnt this world so much fun?

we get back to Luffy vs Lucci. Luffy is jumping and having fun but Lucci is strugling. Luffy in his gear 5 is comletely dominating the fight.

Cut to Luffy vs Lucci again, they clash. Luffy is smiling and laughing all the time, he’s jumping around having fun while he avoids Lucci’s attacks. Luffy uses a new attack called “Gomu Gomu no Mogura-Gum Gum Mole. He turns the floor into a fist that punches Lucci’s stomache and makes him cough up blood and is also blown away!

Luffy sees Sentomaru and greets his in a friendly way. we get to know that Sentomaru was once saved by Vegapunk that is why he is loyal to vegapunk and is protecting him from Marine. Sentomaru asks Luffy to take vegapunk away from egghead island.

Luffy stops when he sees Sentomaru. Luffy greets Sentomaru and talks friendly with him while he’s bouncing around. Sentomaru was picked up by Vegapunk and he was liberated from his life of poverty so he owes Vegapunk a great debt. That is why he chose to fight CPO

Sentomaru asks Luffy for something
Sentomaru: Straw Hat, please take Vegapunk away with you!

While luffy and sentomaru were talking Lucci recovers from his injuries and attacks sentomaru. seeing that Luffy gets angry and the chapter ends. and there will be no break next week.

Lucci recovers while Luffy and Sentomaru are talking. Lucci uses Soru to charge and
attacks Sentomaru with Shugan (Hand Pisto). Sentonaru is badly hurt.
Lucci: Al we need to do is eliminate the commander. Seraphimn, obey our commands!
Luffy is shocked and angered. // Luffy: AXE GUY!​

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