One Piece Chapter 1066 Spoilers

one piece is getting crazier with every chapter. so many things have been revealed in the last few chapters like vegapunk’s clone, the relation between the dragon and vegapunk, and that the egghead island is not the island from the future rather it is the island from the past and one piece is a post-apocalyptic story. and now we are getting even more insane reveals. one piece chapter 1066 spoilers are out. and it seems oda is not planning to stop, he is dropping bombshells one after another. with this chapter, we are going back to Ohara, Robin’s home island which was destroyed by the world government.

The name of the chapter is “The Will Of Ohara”. The First spoiler says that Dr. vegapunk and Dragon were in Ohara after the world government attack and they both knew Dr. Clover. so with this first leak it is revealed that not only vegapunk and dragon have some kind of history but they were also in contact of Dr. Clover. Dr. clover was the guy who knew more than most people in the world and he was really close to the truth of the void century and the secrets of the world. So the world government not only killed him but also sent a buster call and destroyed the island. vegapunk and dragon went there after the buster call. it was also revealed that after the attack on Ohara dragon decided to form an army. so we got the origin of the revolutionary army, that dragon created it after seeing what the government did to Ohara and its innocent citizens.

jaguar D. saul

The next leak is even crazier it says ” A group of giants took all the books from Ohara to Elbaf. The group was led by a person with bandages all over his body.” we saw that scholars of ohara droped all the books into the water as they were burning. and we never got any information about those books. now it is revealed that all the books and information are still safe and are in Elbaf. and as for the second line of the leak which says “the group was lead by a person with bandages all over his body”. and many of you may have guessed it it is revealed that he was ” jaguar D. saul” who was leading the group of giants carrying all the books from Ohara to Elbaf. we saw jaguar D. saul last time in Ohara when he was trying to protect robin. but kuzan was also there at that same time, Kuzan freezes saul and also lets robin go. after that we never got any information about Saul whether he was alive or not. fans assumed he was dead. so, this confirms that kuzan didn’t kill him, and he is alive. leaks also says that he was covered in bandages, maybe because he got burned by the flames of buster call or maybe because of ice-burn. Fans are also speculating that he is the man marked by flame that kid was talking about, because he could be the only one who knew about ponygliphs.

Next leak says “Luffy meets real vegapunk” and true vegapunk says: “Son of dragon ……. i knew you would come!!” and also we see what real vegapunk looks like. These are all one piece chapter 1066 spoilers.

Final Thoughts

These leaks were amazing and so much has been revealed, from dragon and vegapunk knowing Dr. Clover, to saul being alive. maybe we will get Elbaf arc after egghead island. because there are so many things pointing toward Elbaf. saul is there, we may get to know more about history, and then there is adam tree, prince Loki and it was also implied that joyboy was a giant. maybe we will get to know more about that too. fans are also saying that it is going to be an ussop arc. What are your thoughts about these one piece chapter 1066 spoilers,

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