One Piece Chapter 1067 Spoilers

One piece chapter 1067 Full spoilers are out. Many things were revealed In this chapter like the reason for vegapunk’s big head and we also got some info about the ancient robot.

Title of the chapter 1067 is “Punk Records”

Cover page : Casear clown and Judge meet! * Germa siblings in the background*

In last chapter’s cover page we saw Germa leaving the whole cake island. We thought it will be the last cover story for germa but It looks like we are still going to follow germa. In chapter 1067 cover story, Judge and ceaser are fighting with each other. We know they used to work together on MADS team before it got desolved. But it sems like Its not a serious fight, maybe its because they are meeting after so long. It seems like they will shake hands after they take out their frustration on each other.

Now Onto the Chapter

Bonney: What happened to your head vegapunk ? won’t it be larger before?

Vegapunk: It got really big so I had to cut it down.

Bonney: You can just cut it like its nothing?

Vegapunk: Well, Since the last time we met, my body has grown to be that the size of a giant.

Jimbei: Ahh I heard rumors that he was a larger fellow.

Bonnie: So, You’re just like a balloon?

Vegapunk: No, The truth is that I have eaten the Nomi Nomi No Me!

Vegapunk: I am a Brainiac man who ate the Nomi Nomi No Me. I can memorize everything I learn, my brain gets larger with the more data I store in it. I was born a genius, but I also have unlimited storage now! It has grown into the world’s largest brain and it still continues to grow.

Luffy: Even Still? I don’t see it getting any bigger?

Chopper: That is incredinble! As a researcher, are you strong too?

Vegapunk: Of course I am!

Chopper: Ehhh?!

In last chapter people were questioing Vegapunk’s appearance and why he has a big head. Some fans were assuming he has “smart smart fruit” or “brain brain fruit” which makes him a  genius. It turns out those fans  were half right. Vegapunk do have “Brain Brain Fruit” but it is not the reason for him being smart, he was a born genius. The fruit only give him the ability to have unlimited storage of knowledge, he can memorize and remember everything. Like in chapter 1066 he said that he went to Elbaf and memorized all the knowledge and research of Dr. Clover and all that information is stored in his head. So, “Brain Brain Fruit” is the reason why vegapunk has such a big head.

Luffy: Old man since You cut your head … Does that means that you became dumber?

Vegapunk: Don’t Underestimate my Genius you dumn brat! This apple is… an antenna On the top of the island you’ll see “punk Records” that is a hanger for my brain now.

Luffy: Eh? Isn’t that place too big??

Vegapunk: Even If I am away from it, This antenna will connect to it via wavelength! Earlier, you guys met with a girl named Vegapunk right? That was my clone, There are six of them on this island.

Luffy: is that a ninja move?

Vegapunk: Each one is an expert in a necessary field. These 6 People combined have the same personality as me. But with them I have the labourof 6 people.

Luffy: What does that even mean?

Vegapunk: It means, once a day I synchronizetheir experience and knowledge through punk records.Their personality and jobs are different, but their experience are worthwhile!

Jimbei: Is it because they share the same brain as you? What an unpredictable world.

Vegapunk: consider it the same as a library. For example if every person in the world can access my brain; It’s as if all mankind has aquired my knowledge! Also, If mankind can also update punk records.

Vegapunk: Then it is also possible to create a sea of knowledge far beyond my brain. This “brain will someday be shared with everyone in the world!

Chopper: So every researcher can learn from it?

Vegapunk: Of course!

Chopper: Wooooah!

Jirnbei: Will there be any inconvenience if you get in my mind?

Vegapunk: You are smart, Jimbei. But science can’t move forward if you get hanged up on that! 

We already saw at the end of the last chapter that vegapunk Now do not have his big brain. Instead he has some apple like thing on his head we learn that apple is an antenna. He says his brain is at the top of the island, which is known as punk Record”. It is used as a hanger for his brain. Maybe his brain is not split into six part rather all the vegapunk clones are able to access his brain via an antenna.

Bonney: You never change Vegapunk! You’re still willing to make sacrifices for science! That is why you transformed my father into an emotionless weapon!

** Bonney points the lightsaber **

Vegapunk: Stop Bonney! That saber is a failed experiment!

Bonney: Shutup! I just tested it out earlier! Just hurry and change my father back! And if you refuse.

Jinbei: Bonney! If you kill him., you will make more enemies than you think!

Vegapunk: Just turn it off Bonney! That saber was meant to.. attract a large number of insects!

** Bonney gets swarmed and faints **

Luffy: Oi Bonney! Look what I found. its a stag beetle

Chopper: Ahh that’s a good stag beetle! Are you not worried about Bonney fainting?!

Vegapunk: Her reason to kill me makes sense.. I was saved because she picked up a failed product..

Bonney is still very angry from vegapunk because of what he did to kuma, she uses lightsaber to threaten vegapunk and asks him to change kuma back to normal. Vegapunk says to stop that lightsaber because it was a defective piece. It was meant to attract lots of insect, but bonney didn’t litsen. she gets swarmed by many insects and faints. Luffy being Luffy he is just playing with insects.

Veapunk: by the way. you guys went to Wano right Is it true there is another dragon there besides Kaido?

Luffy: Ah you mean Momo?

Vegapunk: Ahh, it was a failed devil fruit that I left in Punk Hazard, he must’ve ate it.

Luffy: Really? It was a failed experiment?

Vegapunk: It was an artificial devil fruit I created with a large amount of research funds over 20 years ago from Kaido’s lineage factor. But his growth won’t be the same as the original fruit.

Luffy: Ahh so that’s why he can transform like Kaido? But it was a success, he can spit fire and he is just as big. He’s even Wano’s guardian deity!

Vegapunk: What is the color of it?

Luffy: It’s pink.

Vegapunk: You see its a great failure then!!

Luffy: I mean its still fine though..

Jimbei: I see, he’s a genius and a perfectionist.

Vegapunk asks luffy about wano. if they saw any other dragon except kaido. luffy tells him about momonuske. He is also calling him Wano’s gardian deity. Vegapunk says that the fruit momo ate was made by him, and it was a defective piece it was not like original fruit. Luffy says but momo was transforming into dragon, he was spitting fire and was as big as kaido’s dragon. Vegapunk asks what was its color, luffy tells him it was pink. vegapunk says then it was a big failure. It seems fruit’s ability are same but vegapunk wanted a perfact copy. so he is calling it a failure only because it does not have the same color as kaido. jinbei also says that he’s a genius and a perfectionist.

Luffy: How about this robot? Can you activate it? You created it didnt you?

Vegapunk: No that’s a wrong assumption. That the legendary metal giant that attacked Marie Jois 200 years ago!

Luffy: 200 years ago?

Vegapunk: Also that machine was probably created far more than 900 years ago.

Luffy: Ehhh?! That’s not possible!

Vegapunk: I still don’t know why it was created. I heard that there was no injuries due to its lack of energy. The researchers at that time were surprised with the science. No one knows where it came from or what it was trying to do. The World Government ordered for it to be completely destroyed. But because of their curiosity they did’t do that.

 Vegapunk: It still exists here because of the information on it and has been passed down by researchers. The government doesn’t know about its current existence. You guys did well coming here. You must’ve have a hard time coming here past the walls.

Luffy: Well l did go rough on it.

Chopper: Nol We were just lost, we didn’t go rough on it!

It is told that the Ancient robot was created back in void century. In last chapter when shaka  was saying that ‘In past technology was more advanced then now’, maybe he was referring to this robot. And we also get to know that this robot attacked the world government 200 years ago. He says during the attack no got injured but scientest of that time were shocked with its technology. World government ordered to dispose i but the scientists ofthat time didn’t do it. and world government doesn’t even know about robot’s exixtance. The question now is why, and how.  Why did it attack world government? And how did the robot activated? Did it woke up on its own and started attacking world government? or someone activated it like any scientist or someone else. There has to be a catalyst because of which the robot got activated. Maybe we will have to wait for the answers.

**Cut over to Shaka’s group**

“They are observing the same robot through a monitor and can see Luffy and VP

Robin: 200 years ago.. That year is the same year the discimination against fishmen started!

Franky: So that robot climbed the red line?

Shaka: Probably. We created Vegaforce l based from everything we learned about it. But there are things I can’t replicate with my science. I can’t even believe that, it was a machine soldier made 900 years ago.

Franky: A machine that not even you can replicate fully?!

Shaka: The problem is the power”. In the past there was a power, enough to change common sense in the world today.

Nami: But anyways, for now I’m happy Luffy and the others are okay! But who is that girl that’s with them?

Sanji: That’s Jewelery Bonney right? She’s a pirate like us.

Usopp: So that girl is trouble!

we cut to shaka’s group, where everyone is observing the same robot through computer, and they can also see real vegapunk and luffy’s group. Shaka also tells them about robot, that he climbed the red line and attacked world government. Robin says It was the same year when discimination against fishmen started. Shaka also tells that even with his technology he still cannot fully recreate this robot. Franky is shocked. Nami is glad seeing luffy is okay, she also notices bonney and asks who is that girl. Than Sanji tells them that she is Jewelery Bonney.

 *Back to Luffy’s group**


  Luffy: Vegapunk your head is so coool!

Vegapunk: Bonney… I did some bad things to her.

Luffy: Oh yeahl Old man. you should ask for her forgiveness!

Vegapunk: What do you even know about it you brat! There’s some things I wished to give to her. Also, Straw Hat Luffyl It’s fate that you came here now.. can you, take me away from this island?

Luffy says to Vegapunk that he should ask for Forgiveness from Bonney. Vegapunk says that there are some things that he wish to give her. Vegapunk also asks luffy to take him away from this island.

**Cut to the coast of Egghead Island**


  CPO: This is cipher pol, we wish to dock. **We see that they have defeated one of the sea beasts**

What an insistent pet they have.. We’ve got info that Bonney is heading to Egghead.

Lucci: What an eyesore since she repeatedly escapes. But we no longer have use for her right? Next time we meet, I’ll definitely kill her.

**Cut back to Shaka’s group**

 Pythagoras: Shakal!l It’s a government ship, it’ll be bad if they know we harbored the StrawHats! Also, CPO and Lucci are on the ship too!

Lilith: Just let them enter! Rob Lucci is an assassin right?!

Usopp: Eh?! Rob Lucci?! How about we get out of here right nowl

Nami: Agh! Not him, isn’t he retired yet? Don’t let him enter this island!

Sanji: Robin, don’t worry, I’l protect you no matter how many timesl!

Shaka: Please relay this to the ship: Release the Seraphim with us and leave!”

Llith: EH?!

Shaka: We’re preparing to intercept them! Decline their requests!

Finally CP0 is here, they arrived at egghead island with seraphim kuma. They are wearing a CP0 mask. We already know that they are here to kill vegapunk. They Have also defeated a sea beast. They know that bonney is here too. Lucci says that she has escaped so many times. If he finds her in the island, he will kill her. CP0 is trying to enter island by saying that they are here to return kuma seraphim, but their access is denied. Maybe they are not letting them in because vegapunk already know that they are here to kill him.

*Cut again to Kamabakka Queendom**

Lindberg: Dragon!!! Something strange is happening to Kuma

*Kuma gets up off the ground**

Lindberg: Wait Kuma! You’re still under repair right now!

“Inazuma + Karasu are in shock of what is happening while Kuma is running away’

Koala: Where are you going Kuma You can’t properly move just yet!

“Kuma falls but gets back up*

Dragon: What’s the matter Kuma Where do you want to go?!

Ivankov: Just stay here, From now on, our battle as the Revolutionary Army.. is starting!

There will be a break next weak

At Last we see Kamabakka kingdom which is the current base of revolutionary army. Where real kuma currently is. We last saw Kuma when Dragon was asking him what he saw in Marie Jois. But now we see real Kuma standing up and running somewhere. Where is he going. We know that Vegapunk was the one who modified Kuma, and he was the one who programmed him to protect strawhat’s ship. Is  he the one calling kuma, Or he is moving on his own. There are so many questions. we will have to wait for next chapter. There will Be a break next weak.

What are your thoughts on this chapter, Tell us in comment, what do you think Why kuma started running Or who will be the first one from strawhats to run into CP0.

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