One Piece Chapter 1068 Spoilers

The Title of Chapter 1068 is “The Dream of a Genius”

Cover Page Of One Piece Chapter 1068

we are continuing the cover page story about germa. In chapter 1068 cover page Judge and Caesar are still fighting as they remember their time spent together in MADS. We don’t know much about MADS. the only information we have is that Caeser, Judge, Queen, and vegapunk used to work under MADS until it got dissolved.

Title is referring to Vegapunk’s dream of providing free energy to everyone in the world, but his research brought him to the mysterious ancient energy source which is why he’ll soon be erased by the World Government. Vegapunk wants to find the ancient energy source to help people but as he began to delve deeper into Void Century matters he knew the World Government would eventually set their sights on him and kill him for knowing to much which is why he wants off Egghead and asked Luffy.

we get the reason why the world government wants Vegapunk dead. His Dream is to provide free energy to the entire world. the energy he is referring to is the energy power that the ancient robot was using. which even vegapunk is not able to recreate. while researching ancient power, Vegapunk started going deeper into the void century and the government didn’t like that. They are so against vegapunk finding a power source that they decided to kill him. That is why he wants to leave egghead island and asked Luffy to take him away.

Shaka orders to release S-Snake, S-Hawk, S-Shark. He gives the control authority to Sentomaru.

So, Sentomaru is also on Egghead, we assumed that we will see him again in this arc as he is the bodyguard of Vegapunk. Shaka releases S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Shark which are Boa’s, Mihawk’s, and Jinbei’s Seraphim respectively, and gives their control to Sentomaru. I am not sure what Sentomaru is going to do will he protect Vegapunk or will he ally himself with CP0?

Lucci commands and gets the Seraphim Kuma to teleport them into Egghead while Shaka sets to release Fish, Hawk and Snake.

Lucci commands seraphim Kuma to teleport them to the island. It seems Seraphim Kuma has the ability to teleport. we don’t know If it is something that all Seraphim can do or only Seraphim Kuma is able to do.

One piece Atlas
credit – ECHIRO ODA

Lucci uses Rokuogan on Atlas and she is badly damaged

It seems Atlas noticed CP0 and attacked them for intruding egghead. And then Lucci also attacks her. Lucci uses the same attack on Atlas that he used on Luffy in the Enis lobby and Atlas is badly damaged. Another spoiler says that he actually killed Atlas. which is shocking as we know that Atlas was not that weak to be killed with a single attack. We have seen her attacking Luffy before. If he really killed Atlas, I really want to see Luffy’s reaction to it. After all, she gave food to Luffy which is enough to gain Luffy’s friendship.

Luffy and Lucci’s group run into each other at the end of the chapter.

People were thinking, Who will CP0 run into first? Fans were assuming that they will not encounter Luffy’s group first. As Luffy is too strong and CP0 will be defeated easily. But Oda has different plans, at the end of the chapter we see Luffy and Lucci running into each other. ​

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