All 13 Record Of Ragnarok Characters From The Human Side

Meet the 13 Record of Ragnarok characters willing to risk it all as humanity’s champions in this battle between gods and men.

Record of Ragnarok is a thrilling manga series that pits gods against humans in an epic battle for the fate of humanity.

From legendary warriors to historical figures, these fighters showcase their unique abilities and determination to challenge the divine. Join us as we delve into the world of Record of Ragnarok and uncover the captivating stories behind these extraordinary individuals.

Lü Bu: The Fearsome Chinese Warrior

Lü Bu_ The Fearsome Chinese Warrior

With his piercing red eyes and flowing headdress, Lü Bu cuts an intimidating figure as he charges into battle atop his steed Red Hare. This infamous Record of Ragnarok character showcases brute force few can match.

This legendary warrior from China’s Han dynasty has the strength to shatter enemies’ shields with each thrust of his formidable spear.

His ruthless nature coupled with unmatched fighting prowess strike fear into the hearts of gods and men alike. Driven by his insatiable thirst for combat, Lü Bu unleashes his dreaded Sky Eater technique, a furious onslaught that tears through the heavens. Will this whirlwind of destruction be enough to secure victory for humanity? 

Adam: The First Man

Adam_ The First Man

As the first human created by God, Adam carries the hopes and origins of all mankind on his shoulders. Gifted with divine “Eyes of the Lord,” Adam can foresee any attack, even from the gods themselves. With his divine gifts, this Record of Ragnarok character carries great responsibility.

His ocular abilities also allow him to analyze and mimic techniques after witnessing them just once. With his extraordinary gifts and connection to the divine, Adam fights not just for himself but for the future of the entire human race. Can humanity’s primordial champion prevail against his celestial foes?

Kojirō Sasaki: The Perceptive Swordsman

Kojirō Sasaki_ The Perceptive Swordsman

With his deep perceptive abilities, Kojirō Sasaki can deduce minute details about his opponents that others would miss. By observing factors like breathing rates and eyelash movements, he builds a mental profile of their combat capabilities.

Known as “The Perceptive Swordsman,” Kojirō then leverages this knowledge through endless training and mental rehearsal to create the perfect counter for each foe. The perceptive abilities of this Record of Ragnarok character give him a unique advantage. Will his insightful nature and disciplined preparation give him the edge when steel clashes against the gods? 

Jack the Ripper: The Seeker of Twisted Justice  

Jack the Ripper_ The Seeker of Twisted Justice

The shadowy serial killer known as Jack the Ripper steps into the arena to fight for his twisted version of justice. With the chilling ability to visualize emotions as colors, Jack hunts gods and men alike in his self-imposed quest to expose the truth.

His traumatic upbringing warped his mind and honed his lethal skills, shaping Jack into a terrifying supernatural threat. But behind the demonic persona lies a man of intense intellect and conviction. This chilling Record of Ragnarok character seeks twisted justice. Will Jack’s zealous sense of justice prevail against the gods of Asgard?

Raiden Tameemon: The Indomitable Rikishi

Raiden Tameemon_ The Indomitable Rikishi

With bulging muscles and imposing mass, Japanese sumo wrestler Raiden Tameemon is a veritable human fortress. Born with abnormal strength, Raiden grew up using his gigantic frame to help and protect the weak.

Now a seasoned rikishi, he enters the battleground with an iron-clad spirit and mastery of ancient sumo techniques. The sheer size of this Record of Ragnarok character makes him an imposing fighter.

Despite the divine powers arrayed against him, Raiden fights fearlessly with the strength of a hundred men. Can the unrelenting force of this human juggernaut topple even the mightiest god?

Buddha: The Awakened One

Buddha_ The Awakened One

As the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama sought enlightenment by rejecting earthly desire and vanity. His profound teachings on ending suffering spread far beyond his mortal lifetime.

Now the Awakened One steps forward to protect humankind from extinction. it is intrusting as buddha was initialy introduced as a record of ragnarok character from gods side but he shocked everyone as he took the side of humanity. A pacifist turned reluctant warrior, Buddha fights not for glory but for the salvation of humanity. Representing tranquility, this Record of Ragnarok character fights for humanity’s salvation.

His divine wisdom and spiritual tranquility stand ready to counter even the combined gods of fortune. Will inner peace or godly might prevail?

Qin Shi Huang: The Tyrant Unifier of China

Qin Shi Huang_ The Tyrant Unifier of China

Stern and uncompromising, Qin Shi Huang carved his name into the bedrock of Chinese history as the dynasty’s first emperor. The ruthless ambition of this Record of Ragnarok character could conquer heaven itself. Though decried as a brutal tyrant, he conquered rival states and unified the fractured nation.

His expansive public works, including the Great Wall and the Terracotta Army, survive as awe-inspiring reminders of Qin’s power. Clad in royal battle robes with his eyes shrouded, the ruthless emperor now seeks to vanquish heavenly rulers as he did earthly ones. Will Qin’s ironfisted conquest continue against the gods?

Nikola Tesla: The Visionary of Electricity 

Nikola Tesla_ The Visionary of Electricity

The visionary of electricity, Nikola Tesla is also one of the characters who will be fighting gods in order to protect humanity.

With brilliant foresight and singular genius, Nikola Tesla pioneered radical inventions that electrified the world. His groundbreaking work in AC power systems and wireless energy transmission ushered in sweeping advancements.

Tesla’s almost mystic understanding of electricity and the natural world gave birth to futuristic discoveries like x-rays, remote control vehicles and particle beams.

Though underappreciated in life, Tesla now battles so that humanity may benefit from his contributions a while longer. With brilliant foresight, this Record of Ragnarok character aims to shape destiny. Will the master of lightning strike down the gods?

Okita Sōji: The Merciless Shinsengumi Swordsman

Okita Sōji_ The Merciless Shinsengumi Swordsman

Feared by foes for his blinding swordsmanship, Okita Sōji helped lead the notorious Shinsengumi militia against dissents.

Though afflicted with tuberculosis, the skilled young samurai wields his katana with ruthless elegance and speed. Despite illness, this Record of Ragnarok character pledges his deadly skills.

Okita pledges both his deadly blade and wavering health to humanity’s cause, determined to cut down any divine opponent. His courage and loyalty in the face of terminal illness make him a sympathetic yet lethal combatant. Does this steadfast warrior have enough left in him to duel deities?

Michel Nostradamus: The Eccentric Soothsayer 

Michel Nostradamus_ The Eccentric Soothsayer

Eccentric, enigmatic and dressed in a striking mask, the famous seer Michel Nostradamus enters Ragnarok as humanity’s trump card. His legendary book of cryptic prophecies has mystified people for centuries with its allusions to future events.

Now Nostradamus himself aims to shape destiny by thwarting the gods’ designs for mankind. The cryptic predictions of this Record of Ragnarok character could be humanity’s secret weapon.

While his motivations and methods may be unconventional, the quirky astrologer holds unique knowledge that could turn the tide for humanity. Will his gift of foresight allow him to outwit divine forces?

Sakata Kintoki: The Mythic Golden Boy

Sakata Kintoki_ The Mythic Golden Boy

Wrapped in legends as the child of a yokai demon and a princess, Sakata Kintoki displays freakish strength and intelligence. Revered through the ages as a folk hero yet shrouded in mystery, Kintoki’s true capabilities remain unknown.

Both awe-inspiring and enigmatic, his larger-than-life persona captivates friend and foe alike. Shrouded in mystery, this Record of Ragnarok character is a wild card.

As humanity’s mythic wild card, Golden Boy Kintoki keeps the gods guessing about when and how he will make his astonishing power felt. Does this storied figure have what it takes to craft a new legend?

Simo Häyhä: The Deadly Snow Sniper

Simo Häyhä_ The Deadly Snow Sniper

Deep in the Finnish wilderness, a solitary figure garbed in whitecamouflage stalks through the snowy terrain. Nicknamed The White Death, master sniper Simo Häyhä earned a reputation as the most lethal marksman in history after racking up over 500 kills during the Winter War, relying on stealth and pinpoint accuracy.

Now this famed 20th century gunman takes aim against the gods, ready to pick them off one by one with surgical precision. The unrivaled accuracy of this Record of Ragnarok character makes him a threat to gods.

His peerless skills made him a ghostly reaper on the battlefield. Will this hunter of men become a hunter of gods?

King Leonidas: The Lionhearted Spartan King 

King Leonidas_ The Lionhearted Spartan King

When the massive Persian Empire invaded Greece, King Leonidas met them at Thermopylae with just 300 Spartans. Outnumbered 1000 to 1, the defiant king fought ferociously for two days before succumbing to inevitable defeat.

Yet his valiant last stand embodied the disciplined warrior ethos of Sparta while ensuring lasting fame as an icon of bravery. Representing undying courage, this Record of Ragnarok character charges forth.

With his crimson cape flowing behind his crested helmet, Leonidas charges into Ragnarok, embodying humanity’s never-say-die spirit. Will the proud king’s shield wall hold firm before the gods’ onslaught?


The Record Of Ragnarok characters representing humanity bring an incredible mix of historical significance, legendary prowess, and unique abilities to the ultimate battle against the gods.

From Lü Bu’s unmatched strength to King Leonidas’ unwavering courage, each fighter showcases their determination to protect humanity’s fate. As the series unfolds, we eagerly anticipate discovering the true potential and captivating stories of these extraordinary individuals.

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