Top 10 Anime Girls With Purple Hair

This is the list of Anime girls with purple hair. we love making lists so we are making the list of the top 10 anime girls with purple hair.  It is rare to see male characters with purple hair in anime, but a number of female characters have purple hair. Anime girls with purple hair are usually strong, powerful, and at times quite mysterious and unpredictable. Each character on this list is excellent in their own right, so there is no ranking. In case I forgot someone, please let me know in the comment section so I can include that character in the new list. Make sure to follow us on Instagram so you can ensure that your favorite character can win the next list.   

Let’s start the list of the top 10 Anime girls with purple hair:-

10. Konno Yuuki

Konno yuuki-anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Sword Art Online

Konno Yuuki is a recurring character from sword art online. she was first introduced in season 1 of sword art online. she was known as the strongest player in ALO winning 67 straight matches.  She is the leader of the sleeping Knights guild. She has a beautiful appearance. Her purple hair and red band make her look very adorable.

9. Jiro Kyoka

jiro Kyoka - anime girls with purple hair

Anime – My Hero Academia

Jiro Kyoka is a supporting character in the series “my hero academia”. Jiro is Also known as the Hearing hero: Earphone jack is a student in class 1-A at U.A high school training to become a Pro Hero. She has a pragmatic and teasing personality, however, she is not always like tough as she does enjoy socializing with others. she has a major interest in rock music and owns several instruments but she seemed to be somewhat embarrassed about her interest in the beginning but she was able to outgrow that mindset after the presentation at the U.A school festival. She has short chin-length dark purple hair with asymmetrical fringe.

8. Kamishiro Rize

Kamishiro Rize - anime girls with purple hair

Anime- Tokyo Ghoul

Kamishiro Rize is the major antagonist of the Tokyo ghoul. At first glance, you may think she is a quiet and charming lady but in reality, she is a very well-known infamous ghoul who has killed hundreds of people. she is known as a Binge eater. she is a voracious, independent ghoul. Those who came into conflict with her never came out alive. She has no ambitions and wandered the wars aimlessly to appease her boredom.

7. Shion

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – “That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime”

Shion is a beautiful purple hair character from the anime “That time I got reincarnated as a slime”. She was part of the third group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest. Shion was an ogre but after Rimuru named her she evolved into Kijin. she is Rimuru’s one of the strongest fighters. Shion is also the number one secretary and bodyguard of Rimuru Tempest.

6. Renge Miyouchi

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Non-Non Biyori

Renge Miyauchi is one of the main characters of Non-non-Biyori. She is 7 years old and is a first-class student at Asahigaoka Branch School. Renge wears her purple hair tied into two pigtails with yellow ribbons. She has a very adorable personality. Despite her precocious age, she has a very curious nature. Renge is an intelligent girl who gets excellent grades in school and has demonstrated great artistic skills. She enjoys socializing and has a friendly disposition.  

5. Rize Tedeza

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Is The Order A Rabbit?

Rize Tedeza is the main character of the series “Is The Order a Rabbit”. she is a tough, cool and headstrong girl. Rize isn’t necessarily a tsundere, but she can be blunt with her opinions. Appearance-wise she has violet eyes, and long purple hair pulled up into twin tails with loose bangs.

4. Azusa hamaoka

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Grand Blue

Azusa Hamaoka is the supporting character in the series Grand Blue. She is a third-year student at Oumi Women’s University. she has a very mischievous and playful personality. she admitted that she is bisexual. Appearance-wise she is 165cm tall with curly neck-length purple hair and purple eyes, a curvy figure, and a large chest. Unlike the other female characters, she drinks regularly with the male members of the club and strips with them though she never gets fully naked.

3. sheele

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Akame Ga Kill

sheele is the supporting protagonist in the series “Akame ga kill”. She is a member of an assassin group known as “night raid”. Sheele is a slender-yet-curvaceous woman with long, purple hair and a pair of glasses. she is an airhead often losing her glasses or failing any chores she tried to do due to clumsiness. However, she is very kind and caring to her friends and always ready to sacrifice her life for her friends. However, her attitude completely changes when she kills becoming cold and impassive, which makes her a skilled killer.

2. Saeko Busujima

anime girls with purple hair

Anime – Highschool of the dead

Saeko Busujima is a character from the series “Highschool of the dead”. She was a third-year student and the captain of the Kendo club in Fujimi Highschool before the Apocalypse. Saeko is an athletic fighter and a talented combat specialist. She is the most reliable and skilled fighter in the group. Appearance-wise she is a tall girl with straight and shiny thigh-length purple hair that has a triangular fringe at the front and her eyes are blue in color. Saeko is definitely one of the hottest anime girls out there.

1. Hitagi Senjougahara

top 10 anime girls with purple hair

Anime- Bakemonogatari

Hitagi Senjougahara is the main character of the Monogatari series. She is a third-year student of Naoetsu private high school. She is a beautiful girl with long purple hair, blue color eyes, and a glamorous figure. Hitagi is a tsundere and has a sharp tongue and can be quite blunt when speaking to others and she keeps a straight face while doing so which makes her seem quite frightening.

This was the list of top 10 anime girls with purple hair. Don’t forget to comment down your opinions and who is your favorite anime girl with purple hair.