Top 10 Strongest Hashira In Demon Slayer-Ranked 2023

We all know which demon moon is stronger then other thanks to their ranking. But we don’t have any official power ranking that clarifies who is the strongest hashira in demon slayer. In this article we will try to rank them on the basis of their manga feats.

Hashiras are the backbone of the demon slayer corps. Their strength and skills are beyond the human level. Hashiras are capable of going toe to toe with some of the strongest demons in the series.

Still, as a Hashira all of them are not equal in terms of strength, some are strong while some are crazy strong. so we are going to rank from weakest to strongest in the series.

9. Shinobu Kocho – Insect Hashira

Shinobu kocho - strongest hashira in demon slayer

Shinobu Kocho is the insect Hashira of the demon slayer corps. As a Hashira she is immensely strong. , we are placing her last only Due to her inability to decapitate a demon. Her physical size makes it impossible for her to cut off the head of a demon.

In order to compensate for her physical weaknesses, she uses poison. she pierces demons with her wisteria poison in order to kill them. but sadly that doesn’t work for the stronger demons.

She also has the fastest thrusting speed among all the Hashiras. Shinobu demonstrated her skill as one of the fastest hashiras during her battle with upper moon two Doma. She attacked Doma with such speed that even doma couldn’t predict or stop her attack.

Doma even said “she is the fastest hashira he has ever seen” he further said that with this speed if Shinobu would have tried to cut his head off she might have won, but she can’t do it because of her small body.

In the end Shinobu sacrificed herself in order to kill Doma. She played a very vital role in defeating muzan, as Shinobu was the one who helped lady Tamayo to create drugs for muzan.

Shinobu would be definately ranked higher if she had the physical strength to decapitate a demon but currently she is the 9th strongest hashira of the demon slayer corps.

8. Tengen Uzui – Sound Hashira

Tengen uzui - strongest hashira in demon slayer

Tengen Uzui is sound Hashira of the demon slayer corps. He is strong, fast, and super flashy. As a former shinobi he is very skilled. In contrast of Shinobu He is physically the second strongest hashira only beside Gyomie. Tengen also has the fastest running speed among all the hashiras.

We saw his skills during his fight against uppermoon six Daki and Gyutaro. He decapitated daki twice without her even realising. He also went toe to toe with gyutaro and also saved tanjiro from getting killed many times.

With Tengen’s amazing skills he was able to hold on his own against uppermoon six and became the first hishira to defeat an uppermoon in the last hundred years.

The reason we put him this low in this list is because he had so much difficulty in defeating the weakest uppermoon even though he had so much help from others.

Tengen also lost an arm and an eye as a result of this battle. Therefore, he holds an 8th ranking as the powerful hashira in demon slayer series.

7. Kyojuro Rengoku – Flame Hashira

Kyojuro rengoku - strongest hashira in demon slayer

The flame pillar Kyojuro Rengoku is one of the corps’ most respected hashiras. He has a strong sense of justice and he will do anything to protect people. Rengoku became hashira after he defeated lower moon two Hairo.

we saw him in action during the mugen train arc where he prioritized people’s life over killing the lower moon one. Rengoku asked Tanjiro and Inosuke to kill the lower moon one instead of going himself as he knew Tanjiro and Inosuke will not be able to protect all the pessangers.

Then came his famous battle against uppermoon 3 Akaza. Despite knowing how strong uppermoon 3 is, he still gave his 100% and held Akaza until sunrise and nearly decapitated him. Without Kyojuro, all the people there would have been massacred.

Rengoku saved all 200 passengers and main trio even at the cost of his own life. Rengoku is really a strong hashira, but there are far more powerful and amazing hashiras than Rengoku. so for that reason, we are placing him at 7th place as the strongest hashira in demon slayer.

6. Mitsuri Kanroji – Love Hashira

Mitsuri kanroji- strongest hashira in demon slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji, the love hashira of demon slayer corps. This cute looking pink hair anime girl loves everything and everyone. She does not seem to be a fighting type of person at first but she is extremely strong.

Mitsuri is said to have completed final selection with only six months of training. She is the strongest female demon slayer in all demon slayer corps.

Mitsuri has a very flexible body and her muscular constitution is eight time more denser than a regular human, making her physical strength equal to Rengoku, Giyu and Sanemi.

She looks like one of those cute and hot anime girls who are in the show just for eye candy but that’s not the case she plays an important role in the story.

Mitsuri’s techniques are even faster than Tengen Uzui’s. We first see her fight during the Swordsmith village arc when she fights uppermoon 4 Hentangu. She not only gave him good fight but also withstand his strongest attacks.

Mitsuri unlocked her demon slayer mark during that fight and held “zohakuten” hentangu’s strongest clone on her own until tanjiro decapitated his real body.

Later in the series we saw her in action in final battle where she was the first piller to lend a direct hit on muzan. She was doing good in start but Muzan’s speed was too much for her, and she had to be rescued by Iguro in that fight.

In the end of the fight, she ripped off muzan’s arms with bare hands which shows her amazing physical strength. But doing that she also lost her both hands and died due to heavy blood loss. Mitsuri is unarguably the sixth strongest hashira in corps.

5. Giyu Tomioka – Water Hashira

Tomioka giyu- strongest hashira in demon slayer

Giyu Tomioka, the water piller, was the first hashira we met in the series. His personality is calm and he doesn’t like to talk to others. Giyu was the one who gave a chance to Nezuko and Tanjiro. So, basically he is the reason the demon slayer series exists.

The first time we saw him in action was during the mount Nagasumo arc, when he saved Inosuke after killing the demon father. Then Giyu saved Tanjiro by killing lower moon five Rui effortlessly.

Later Giyu demonstrated his real skills in the fight against uppermoon 3 Akaza. Where he and Tanjiro were going toe to toe with uppermoon 3 but after his mark appeared he fought akaza alone for a good amount of time, giving tanjiro time to think and they both succeded in defeating uppermoon 3.

Then he helped others during the fight with muzan. There were time when he was loosing consiousness and his grip on sword because of fatigue and needed to be saved by others. Giyu also lost his one hand during the fight.

But at the end of the series, he was one of the two hashira who survived the final battle. so he deserves the spot of 5th strongest hashira in the series.

4. Obanai Iguro – Serpent Hashira

obanai iguro- strongest hashira in demon slayer

Obanai iguro is the serpent hashira of demon slayer corps. He is very strict and merciless person. He doesn’t care about anyone except master ubuyashiki and mitsuri kanaroji.

Due to his past experiences with demons and women, he loathes them to his core. The only exception is Mitsuri Kanaroji. She is the only woman he likes.

Iguro is also very harsh, like when he knows that Tengen defeated upper moon six, rather than showing respect he complains about how he lost an arm and an eye to the weakest uppermoon.

Iguro first displayed his skills in infinity castle when he killed tens of lower moon-level demons at once. Then we saw his real skills during the fight against Muzan. Where he was the first to reach his blade to muzan’s neck and cut him but it didn’t affect Muzan.

After everyone was knocked down by muzan, Iguro and tanjiro were the only one fighting Muzan. Obanai also saved tanjiro many times during the fight. He even fought muzan after loosing his eyes.

Obanai Iguro and giyu are most likely equal in strength. But some feats put obanai above giyu. Except his performance against muzan Iguro was one of the only three hashiras to unlock transparent world other two being gyomie and muichiro.

Iguro is also the only one except Muichiro to turn his blade red naturally with pure willpower and grip. while Giyu needed Sanemi’s help to turn his blade red. So, these feats are enough to put him at no. 4 as the strongest hashiras of the demon slayer corps. 

3. Muichiro Tokito – Mist Hashira

muichiro tokito- strongest hashira in demon slayer

Muichiro Tokito is the Mist hashira and the youngest member of demon slayer corps being only 14 years old. When he first appears, he seemed quite and lost in his own world.

Muichiro is the most talented member of demon slayer corps as he became hashira in only two months after picking up a sword. It is said that he had the potantial to surpass every demon slayer to ever exist.

We first saw his skill during the swordsmith village arc when he was training with the yoriichi doll. Tanjiro was amazed by the talent of this kid. Then we saw him with tanjiro fighting uppermoon 4, when he instantly decapitated him without wasting time.

Later Muichiro fights upper moon 5, during that fight he awakens his demon slayer mark and becomes the first person to awaken demon slayer mark beside tanjiro.

In start Muichiro was having a problem dealing with uppermoon 5, but after awakening his mark, that fight became one-sided, and he effortlessly defeated the strongest version of uppermoon 5, and became the first hashira to kill a upper rank on his own.

Then we saw him during his fight with uppermoon one kokushibo where he tried to attack kokushibo but couldn,t do anything as kokushibo was way stronger. kokushibo easily sliced muichiro’s hand and pinned him to a wall.

After he freed himself from the wall he went again to fight kokushibo with sanemi and gyomie. During the fight Muichiro unlocked the transparent world which helped him dodge kokushibo’s attack.

Since he knew he would die soon, Tokito used all his strength to stab kokushibo and turned his blade red, which caused kokushibo to disintegrate from that location, and He became the first person to turn his blade red naturally apart from Yoriichi.

Even the strongest hashira, Gyomie said that they won that battle because of muichiro. With these amazing feats, this sassy kid definately deserves the spot.

2. Sanemi Shinazugawa – Wind Hashira

sanemi shinazugawa- strongest hashira in demon slayer

Sanemi Shinazugawa is the wind hashira and the second strongest hashira of the demon slayer corps. His strength, speed, endurance and skill is beyond human level. Shinazugawa is the most feared hashira in demon slayer corps.

Sanemi showcased his strength and skills during his fight against kokushibo. while Muichiro and Genya couldn,t even stand against kokushibo, sanemi fought pretty well. He held himself aginst kokushibo and made him draw his blade.

Sanemi’s movement and flexibilty were also amazing in that fight. Even after getting heavily injured he was still able to fight kokushibo until gyomei arrived. Seeing his endurance even kokushibo was impressed.

After he unlocked his mark his speed and agility increased by which he was able to fight kokushibo. After the defeat of kokushibo he went to Muzan there also he showed his amazing skills and unique fighting style.

Sanemi not only cut muzan in half but also burned him. He is one of the few people who gave muzan most damage. Sanemi is also one of the few hashiras who turned their blade red during the battle.

Aside from his skills he also have marichi blood which even affected kokushibo for a short period of time. He not only survived the crazy battle but also came out with the least physical damage. During the whole battle, he only lost his two fingers.

So, with these much feats he is undoubtedly more then capable of holding this position in this list.

1. Gyomei Himejima – Stone Hashira

gyomie himejima - strongest hashira in demon slayer

Gyomie Himejima is the current stone piller and the strongest hashira in the demon slayer corps. He was mentioned as the strongest hashira by Inosuke and Murata. Gyomie is the most respected person in the demon slayer corps besides master Ubuyashiki.

Whenever Gyomie enters to fight everyone feels assured and more confident. He is also very emotional and starts crying at every little things. Gyomie is also physically the strongest hashira.

We saw Gyomie’s skill and strength during his fight against Kokushibo. when the fight between him and kokushibo started he was overwhelming kokushibo. Kokushibo stated that he is the strongest warrior he has seen in last 300 years and this was before his mark appeared.

Gyomie not only held Kokushibo on his own but gave him a proper fight. He was also the first hashira to unlock transparent world. Even though he is blind but he was able to feel the transparent world.

Not only Gyomie able to withstand kokushibo’s speed but was also able to dodge his technique and give him the most damage. In the end with the help of muichiro, sanemi, and genya he was able to defeat kokushibo the uppermoon 1.

Gyomie was also the only one who came out from that fight without any damage. After that fight he also fought Muzan and played very important part in the defeat of Muzan.

While fighting Muzan he lost one of his leg. He died after the battle because of his mark. But Gyomie is truly the backbone and most powerful hashira in demon slayer corps.

Extra: Kanae kocho

kanae kocho - strongest hashira in demon slayer

Kanae Kocho was the flower hashira of the demon slayer corps. She was the older sister of Shinobu Kocho. Unlike shinobu kocho she had the strength to decapitate a demon. she died fighting uppermoon 2 but we don’t have details of the their fight.

As we all know Doma is so obsessed with eating women, even during the final battle when shinobu confronted him he was eating women. So there is less to no chance he would let a strong female hashira go alive without eating her.

He also said that he really wanted to eat her but couldn’t eat her because of sunrise. But only with these information we cannot put her in the list. As we don’t know when they start fighting or even Doma was serious or not.

But still she held uppermoon 2 till morning and didn’t get eaten by him which is a great feat on its own. So if i had to put her somewhere i would put her between mitsuri and rengoku, it should be the perfect spot for her.

Still it is just our speculation. where would you put Kanae in this list of strongest hashira in demon slayer.


In this article we have ranked top 10 strongest hashira in demon slayer corps on the basis of their feats they have shown in the story.

Tell us how would you rank the strongest hashira in demon slayer corps.

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