Bleach Season 17: Everything We Know So Far

Bleach is Considered one of the big three along with Naruto and One Piece. It is one of the most famous anime series out there. It has been nine years since bleach aired last time. Fans had lost all hopes of seeing a proper conclusion to their favorite anime series. But With the announcement of season 17 after nine years, fans around the world are filled with joy and excitement for their favorite series to return. so, We are going to look at all the information we have about Bleach season 17.

What Is Bleach?

Bleach is a famous anime series based on a manga written by Tite Kubo. The anime was directed by Noriyuki Abe and produced by Studio Pierrot. The story follows the adventures of a boy named Ichigo Kurosaki who has the ability to see the ghost. He obtains the power of the soul reaper from another soul reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His new powers force him to take on the duties of protecting humans from evil spirits.

How Many Episodes Does Bleach Have?

Bleach has 16 seasons compiled of 366 episodes in total. It also has one of the highest numbers of fillers in any anime. Bleach has 45% of fillers episodes, which means 164 episodes out of 366 are filler episodes

Why Bleach Got Cancelled?

On March 27, 2012, after it aired its final episode, Bleach was canceled without a proper conclusion. No official reason was given why they did it. But many believe that the rising production cost and anime catching up to the manga could be the major reason.

Is Bleach getting season 17?

Yes, Bleach is getting a season 17. In March 2020, during the 20th anniversary of the manga series, the creators decided to give a huge surprise to all bleach fans around the world. Shonen Jump Issue 17 revealed that bleach season 17 is officially in production. now there is only one month left before we see our favorite anime return.

Which Arc Will ‘Bleach’ Season 17 Cover?

Bleach season 17 will be adapting the “Thousand-Year Blood War Arc” of the manga. Which will cover Chapter 480 to the last chapter of the manga which is chapter 698. so that means Bleach season 17 will cover 218 chapters of the manga which will finally conclude bleach’s story. So sadly this will be the last season of the bleach anime series.

What Is ‘Bleach’ Season 17 release Date?

Bleach Season 17: Thousand year blood war arc release date

Bleach season 17 will Officially start airing on October 10, 2022, on Tv Tokyo and its associates. Till Now three Official trailers have been released. Bleach season 17 will be Uncensored meaning you can expect more violence and enjoy amazing fights without any censorship. It’s officially confirmed that bleach season 17 will release in 4 cores.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Bleach Season 17?

Bleach season 17 will cover the complete final arc. Season 17 will pick up from where it left in 2012. It will adapt a total of 218 chapters of the manga from chapter 480 to chapter 698. So Bleach season 17 will have around 50-54 episodes.

Is Bleach’s Old Cast Returning For Season 17?

Officially it has not been announced who will be returning for their role in bleach season 17. But From the trailer, we can guess the following voice actors will return for their respective roles in Bleach season 17.

  • Ichigo Kurosaki – Masakazu Morita (Japanese), Johnny Young Bosch (English)
  • Uryu Ishida – Noriaki Sugiyama (Japanese), Derek Stephen Prince (English)
  • Renji Abarai – Kentaro Ito (Japanese), Wally Wingert (English)
  • Rukia Kuchikki – Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese), Michelle Rough (English)

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